We often get asked the following questions about our brand and how we came up with the idea for TATTOO GIRL.  We love sharing our story....


Q: The TATTOO GIRL brand seems to really articulate the tattoo culture perfectly with your tagline, "Express freely. Act boldly. Celebrate fully." While this expression also draws forth fond memories of incredible wine, great friends, and wild nights, what gave you the idea to join this kind of messaging with tattoos and wine to form the TG family?


TG:  Our goal for TATTOO GIRL was to create a brand of wine that connected with people on a deeper level while delivering exceptional, value-priced wine.  Just as grapes evolve into a beautiful wine, we believe tattoos remind us of what we’ve been through and represent how we can evolve with a renewed spirit of strength and hope for the future.  The artistry on each bottle of TATTOO GIRL pays homage to those who are bold and authentic in their actions, free in their conversations, and excited to celebrate life’s beautiful moments.


Q: We love that you affectionately call your wines "The Girls". What inspired the name TATTOO GIRL, and is there a certain reason you've chosen to embolden tattooed women in particular? 


TG:  For centuries, women and wine have shared a deep connection and qualities that appeal to our senses, and wine and tattoos have been a part of our culture for thousands of years.   Like real “girls,” each of The Girls is special.  One person might find TATTOO GIRL Cabernet Sauvignon the most beautiful, while someone else feels a deeper connection or attraction to TATTOO GIRL Rosé. 


TATTOO GIRL delivers flavors and aromas unique to each varietal, just as each label offers varying degrees of personality, boldness, and beauty.  We were inspired to make a connection between getting to know someone intimately and getting to know our wine.  Once you’ve fallen in love with what you see on the outside and let TATTOO GIRL out of the bottle, you then discover and enjoy the true beauty found drinking our wine and what makes them so memorable! 



Q: Who is the artist behind your labels, and what made you decide to partner with them?


TG: When we decided to go with a tattoo artist, I was drawn to the amazing detail and unique style of Adam Isaac Jackson.  Out of thousands of images that I reviewed; his artwork clearly stood out to me.  He’s an American artist and designer born in Tacoma, Washington.   As the son of Christian minister, Adam grew up in Japan among 8 siblings. Life was always in a constant state of change. After years of travel in Japan, Adam's early roots in the Pacific Northwest took hold and Tacoma once again became home.  After graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2005, Adam spent the next 12 years working in the apparel and design industry before venturing out into the commercial and fine art world full time. In the beverage world, he received national recognition for his mural at the Aspen Cantina, Mi Chola.  His client list includes Ray-Ban, Nike, Diesel, Suerte Tequila, and Andrew Marc, just to name a few.



Q: Are the illustrations on your labels based on actual women, or are they entirely created by the artist? 


TG:  We asked Adam to create a TATTOO GIRL that would capture the essence of each varietal.  The final images were based on a collage in his mind, and the tattoos were all original in design.  We were so impressed with the final product and how he successfully channeled the spirit of each wine. 



Q: We find the TATTOO GIRL brand very special in that you choose to allow real patrons of the product tell their story on your website. Who has been the most interesting submission for "Today's TATTOO GIRL"? 


TG:  All of our TATTOO GIRL patrons are interesting to us! We love all the individuality and uniqueness of our brand followers, both women and men. Our very first TATTOO GIRL, @AnnaMischke, is an entrepreneurial, creative marketer and illustrator who appreciates the power of a story well told. She is a beautiful, aspiring tattoo artist who enjoys our wine!