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The Brand

For centuries, wine and tattoos have been a part of our culture.

Tattoo Girl combines wine and tattoo artwork to create a brand that deeply resonates with wine drinkers.

With each unique bottle, we celebrate the wine drinker... who they are, where they come from, what they dream about and who they aspire to be.

Tattoo Girl Rose Wine Label


Our goal for TATTOO GIRL was to create a brand of wine that connected with people on a deeper level while delivering exceptional, value-priced wine. Just as grapes evolve into a beautiful wine, we believe tattoos remind us of what we’ve been through and represent how we can evolve with a renewed spirit of strength and hope for the future. The artistry on each bottle of TATTOO GIRL pays homage to those who are bold and authentic in their actions, free in their conversations, and excited to celebrate life’s beautiful moments.

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The Artist

Adam Isaac Jackson is an American artist and designer born in Tacoma, Washington.

As the son of a Christian minister, Adam grew up in Japan among 8 siblings. Life was always in a constant state of change. After years of travel in Japan, Adam's early roots in the Pacific Northwest took hold and Tacoma once again became home.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2005, Adam spent the next 12 years working in the apparel and design industry before venturing out into the commercial and fine art world full time. In the beverage world, he received national recognition for his mural at the Aspen Cantina, Mi Chola. His client list includes Ray-Ban, Nike, Diesel, Suerte Tequila, and Andrew Marc, just to name a few.

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Pheasant and Quail Forever Logos


Tattoo Girl Wine is proud to partner with Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever, as an Affinity partner, providing “Wine for Wildlife.”

In 1982, a group of pheasant hunters saw the connection between upland habitat loss and declining pheasant populations. An organization dedicated to wildlife habitat conservation was needed, and Pheasants Forever was formed. Pheasants Forever’s mission work quickly garnered it a reputation as “The Habitat Organization,” a tagline the nonprofit conservation group uses proudly to this day.

In 2005, in response to continued declines in quail populations and suitable quail habitat, Pheasants Forever formed a quail division, Quail Forever.

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